Flower Mound, TX

Curriculum Information

Looking for a classical education and Catholic memory work?

Look no further!  Catholic Schoolhouse is a 3 year cycle curriculum. Catholic Schoolhouse goes beyond memory work–it is a comprehensive scope and sequence; a foundation to build a true one-room schoolhouse for your family.

We meet one morning a week. All students begin the day together for prayer, pledge, announcements and chorus. Students then move to their age-level classrooms. We end the day with the Angelus or Mass, and then lunch and socialization!

Trained tutors teach the classes. To encourage family unity and discussion, parents are required to stay, it is not a drop-off program.

Grammar students use songs, games, and movement to learn History, History Timeline, Science, Geography, Latin, Math, Language Arts, Religion, and an artist, composer and saint study. At home, you will add a reading and math program.

Our art program is a first of its kind–wholly Catholic with projects meant to be enjoyed together by the entire family–all while staying in sync with the historical timeline. It is hands-on and includes artist study, technique and art creation.

Our weekly hands-on science activities are fun and tie-in with the weeks memory work. Students study 4 units per year. Tour 1 studies will include Zoology, Weather, Human Body, Electricity and Magnetism.

The History Cards (timeline) make you an expert because we have done the research for you and found you a historic art picture to go with each event creating cross-curricular learning.

The CD (or CSH App!) brings learning alive  and makes your job easier! We didn’t cut any corners. Everything that is in the Tour Guide (memory work) is on the CD, plus a bonus introduction for the featured saint, artist, and musician (which, by the way, also are integrated with the timeline) A variety of singers and styles will keep the ho-hums away!

Dialetic (Junior High) and Rhetoric (High School) students meet in small groups to participate in discussions, logic development, and speaking. They compose essays and complete literature studies and presentations. They continue to use the fine arts, science and historical timelines of the Tour Guide topics for family cohesiveness.

Our program serves children from the Nursery through High School.

For the 2022-2023 School Year, we will use Tour 3